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2015 Igbo Youth Cultural Showcase


Location for the 2015 Igbo Youth Collaborative Showcase

The 2015 Igbo Youth Collaborative Showcase will take place at the First Congregational Church of Oakland (2501 Harrison St., Oakland, CA 94612).

Stay tuned for more information.

Purchase a space in the Igbo Youth Collaborative Magazine

In preparation for the 2015 Igbo Youth Collaborative Cultural Showcase, we will create a magazine that captures youth and young adults in the Bay Area.

If you haven’t done so already, please purchase a space in the Magazine. All proceeds will be used to cover event costs and to raise funds to support future Igbo Youth Collaborative events.

In your space, you will include a photo, a short paragraph that highlights your background/interests (education/career-wise), hobbies, and contact information (if you choose).

If you are interested in purchasing a space, please complete the online form. To have a full magazine of youth and young adults in the Bay Area, please help us to spread the word to other young folks.

If you have any questions regarding this fundraising effort or about participating in the upcoming cultural show, please let us know.

We look forward to an exciting event!

The Young Adult Executive Board
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